William Bennett, MD

Dr. William Bennett

Dr. Bennett is a pediatric gastroenterologist, clinical informatician, decision scientist, and computer scientist at Indiana University School of Medicine.  He has board certifications in pediatrics, gastroenterology, and clinical informatics.  His research focuses on using health information technology to improve providers’ adherence to evidence based medicine, automated screening for anxiety and depression in subspecialties, and understanding patient and family preferences related to the use of immunosuppression.  Dr. Bennett also specializes in the analysis of very large clinical data sets using cutting edge computational methods to analyze practice patterns, minimize costs, and track patient outcomes.  He has a clinical interest in family-centered care and the complex needs of families with special needs children.  His daughter, Cecilia, has Phelan-McDermid Syndrome, which has driven an interest in developing programs that meet the subspecialty needs of children with complex developmental gastrointestinal problems.

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