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ECHO PMS-Neuropsychiatric Consultation Group

The PMSF and the Seaver Autism Center at Mount Sinai are collaborating to provide a new service to help doctors care for people with PMS who have challenging neuropsychiatric or behavioral problems.

The project is called the PMS Neuropsychiatric Consultation Group (PMS-NCG). The goal of the PMS-NCG is to connect local doctors across the country and the world with a team of specialists in neurology and psychiatry who have expertise in the management of neuropsychiatric problems in PMS, including:

• sleep
• agitation and aggression
• mood swings
• hyperactivity & impulsivity
• regression/loss of skills
• catatonia

This support will be available to your child’s medical providers, directly and without charge, through an established video-conferencing consultation model called ECHO ( During these hour-long conference calls, your child’s doctor can discuss specific neuropsychiatric and behavioral challenges your child faces with a group of PMS experts, and get ideas for management.

The PMS-NCG project will start providing video consultations in the Fall of 2018. You or your doctor can request a consultation by sending an email to Dr. Alex Kolevzon, at

Families/patients can assist their physician by partially completing and presenting the Intake Form to their doctor. Only physicians can request a consultation by presenting the Intake Form to the ECHO Consulting Group. This service is FREE to families and physicians. Some physicians have been able to use billing code 99367 for their participation in the service.

+ ECHO Intake Form (must be submitted by medical professionals)

We are deeply grateful to the experts who are making their time and wisdom available to help other medical teams as they help our children! Learn more about the ECHO Consulting Group Consulting Group Participants


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