There are many ways you can help

Fundraising is a major lifeline of our organization. We rely on the generosity of others to provide the necessary funds to achieve our goals of helping families, facilitating research and creating awareness of PMS. We are forever grateful to those that spend their time and money to help our very worthy cause.

PMSF is committed to raising millions of dollars to advance research, support families and engage the community in awareness and advocacy. We are a driven, dedicated group of patient advocates who will not stop until we have improved the lives of all affected by Phelan-McDermid Syndrome and ultimately find a cure.

The Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Foundation has a track record of using funds efficiently and effectively. Whether it be money collected from classmates at school, or organized Harley Davidson rides, you can be assured that we will utilize the generous gifts we receive in the most cost-effective ways possible.

Thank you for your continued support.


“Because of you, we are able to work toward achieving our mission.”

Jen Randolph, Susan Lomas
PMSF Fundraising Chairpersons

If you would like to send a donation in the form of a check, click here

If you have questions or know of a source of funding that may match our mission, please contact Ronni Blumenthal at

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Participate in PMSF Foundation fundraisers

We are so grateful to families and supporters for their participation in foundation fundraisers throughout the year.  Each one is unique, so you can participate in one or all!  Click below to learn more:

+  Foundation Fundraisers

Get Inspired

Start a Family Fundraiser. Whether you’re a biker, baker, runner, or have a unique way to generate funds, we want to help support your efforts. Family events create life-long memories while raising funds from around the world.  So, give it a try, we are here to help:

+  Third-Party Family Fundraisers

More Ways to Give

At work, home, when shopping online: maximize your donation dollars.  Ask your employer if they offer a matching gift or planned giving program.  Use online giving services to donate a percentage of your purchase to the PMSFoundation. Donations by check, click here.

+  More Ways to Give

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