Foundation Fundraisers

Many of our families have taken the plunge and have been busy fundraising for PMSF.  Some of our families have decided to go big, while others have started small.  Whether you sold Tupperware, t-shirts, wine glasses, jewelry, lemonade or angels, ran a 22q campaign or a marathon, hosted a trivia challenge, a chili cook-off or a pie in the face event, raised $50 or $5,000, please know that you have helped to make a difference.

Some of our families followed a template while others thought outside of the box.  Both ways are effective and we are so grateful to those families for their participation.  In an effort to spark an interest in all of our families, please find below some examples of the events and campaigns that have been held recently.  The possibilities for fundraising are endless and really depend on what fits your family.  Hopefully, the examples below will inspire you to join us in our goal to raise money to benefit PMSF.

$22 Campaign

Raising $22 for 22q in 22 days has become the signature fundraiser for many of our families. Year after year, these families reach out to 22 of their family and friends asking them to donate $22 or more to PMSF and ask 22 of their friends to do the same. Some parents choose to do the campaign in honor of their PMS child’s birthday or a special occasion once a year. Last year, numerous families launched a $22 for 22q campaign and raised over $71,000. PMSF is so appreciative of the dedication of these families; they are an integral part of our ability to create better lives for all affected by PMS. Stay tuned for information on how you can launch your $22 FOR 22q campaign virtually!  Contact the Fundraising Chair for more information.

Giving Challenge

An on-line fundraiser sponsored by The Community Foundation of Sarasota County. This past year in September of 2016, our families helped us to raise over $190,000 in just 24 hours. Stay tuned for more information on how you can be a part of the 2018 Giving Challenge and make sure to “Like” our Facebook Giving Challenge page by clicking the button below.

Giving 22uesday

Giving 22uesday is the PMSF Giving Challenge that aligns with Giving Tuesday, the day after Thanksgiving.  Families and friends are asked to support their region in a friendly fundraising competition.

Phelan Lucky Campaign

This t-shirt sale fundraiser was started in 2013 by Jen & Eric Randolph in honor of their son, Jack. These great t-shirts were sold online through and not only raised funds but are continuing to raise awareness all over the globe. In the past four years, the Phelan Lucky campaign has not only raised over $158,000 for PMSF but has raised a ton of awareness as the shirts are have been spotted all across the globe and on too many celebrities to name. Look for the fifth campaign in mid-January of 2018.

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