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Research Publications that mention Phelan-McDermid Syndrome and Shank 3 are increasing

PMSF establishes a perspective on scientific productivity and engagement across the research community over time through the lens of their primary metric of output and success: scientific publications.

The graphs on this page show incredibly encouraging news for the PMS community. Over the past ~25 years, there has been an estimated 1,000% increase in the number of scientific publications relevant to the PMS story, with the field currently average over 70 new publications per year. A majority of that growth has occurred in the past 10 years, revealing a vibrant engine of knowledge creation that should lead to an average over 100 publications per year by 2019. This indicates an incredible growth of the knowledge for the field of PMS research in a short period of time.

PMS or 22q13 Deletion

Shown in this graph are the number of publications identified from a search activity limited to criteria that help define the evolving nature of PMS over the years, including keywords such as ‘22q13 deletion syndrome,’ ‘Phelan- McDermid Syndrome’.

Papers mentioning PMS or 22q13, source: PubMed

  • Number of Publications


The scope of this search activity was publications including keyword ‘Shank3.’

Papers Mentioning Shank 3, source: PubMed

  • Number of Publications
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