Webinar Series

By Lexi Norris, Media Relations, Lasell College; edited by Jackie Jacobs, Family Engagement Specialist

Upcoming Resources for You: Webinars and More

The Phelan-McDermid Syndrome Foundation is looking for ongoing activities to provide services to families in the community, and we’re doing so by starting a webinar series! In my recent phone call with Jackie Jacobs, the Family Engagement Specialist, I got the details.

For the past two years, families have been surveyed on their experiences and needs. Two surveys, in particular, the Research Topics and Experience Survey and the Family and Caregiver Support Survey allowed families to voice their needs. For example, families told us they are looking for more information on communication techniques and tips on behavior challenges. After creating a list of topics families had questions about, the webinar series was set into motion. The first webinar will be held on November 28th at 12:00 pm EST. Join Brittany McLarney, the Registry Coordinator, as she navigates the Registry shares tips on how to learn from the data being shared, and making the most of your participation. Make sure to sign up for the webinar here.

Keep an eye out for a special video from Janine Shapiro, a speech pathologist and therapist, who works with one of our PMSF families. In a short video Janine and her colleague Emily Sears, a behavior analyst and speech pathologist, will explain procedures that have been used to improve vocal communication. We hope this becomes a tool you and your family can use to learn more about the fusion of ABA and speech pathology.

These webinars and videos are a great way to stay connected, share information, and hopefully help the community as a whole.

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